Arabian Beach Resort

SUNRISE Arabian Beach sharm

Per Person Per 03 Night -04 Days
4890 L.E 2865 L.E 2460 L.E 01-5 to 30-9-2018
5900 L.E 3540 L.E 3065 L.E 20-6 to 19-8-2018

25-8 to 19-9-2018

6915 L.E 4215 L.E 3675 L.E 15-6 to 19-6-2018

20-8 to 24-8-2018

Meals Bed & Breakfast   

Discover the spirit of Arabian ambiance at SUNRISE Arabian Beach Resort -Grand Select- and experience a place where sparkling blue waters blend seamlessly with the sand and sky.

Walk through entrances and hallways elegantly designed to provide an authentic Arabian feel and gaze upon the beauty of the exterior, complementing the natural beauty of the Red Sea. Located in Sharks Bay overlooking the popular Tiran Island, SUNRISE Arabian Beach Resort offers a breathtaking location unlike anywhere else nearby. Relax at one of the rooms on this six-terraced architectural beauty and enjoy all the luxuries we have to offer, including pools and a rooftop garden. We offer a 250m beach with access to a long jetty, giving you direct access to the beautiful clear waters in which you can discover the wonders of the Red Sea from our coral reef. Located 12km (16 min) to Sharm El Sheikh Centre and 8km (9 min) to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the Resort features a distinctive location.

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