Sofitel Taba

Mosaique Beach Resort Taba Heights


Per Person Per 03 Night -04 Days
3650 L.E 2250 L.E 1930 L.E 17-12 to 08-04-2020
4150 L.E 2550 L.E 2150 L.E 30-12 to 05-01-2020

23-01 to 09-02-2020

Meals Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner+ snacks + Soft Drinks
MOB  01066060492

Discover Mosaique Beach Resort Taba Heights on the northernmost point of the Gulf of Aqaba, enveloped among the mountainous Southern Sinai and stunning Red Sea. Mosaique Beach Resort Taba Heights is a five-star hotel offering bed and breakfast and all-inclusive meal plans that welcomes sun-lovers and business travellers with its own beach, luxury spa, fitness center, six swimming pools and diverse business facilities.

Among the Taba hotels, Mosaique Beach Resort Taba Heights cutting-edge amenities make the hotel location the best for private and corporate events which can welcome up to 200 attendees organized by the hotel services which include event planning and coupled with Mosaique Beach Resort Taba Heights dedicated catering team will ensure that your corporate event is a success.

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